Freedom Culture

Curated by Graham Collins

Jul 1 — Aug 8 2015

Elizabeth Murray
Jack Pierson
Huma Bhabha
Ivan Witenstein
Betsy Odom
Cassie Raihl
Ruby Sky Stiler
Violet Dennison
Eddie Martinez
David Shrigley
Keith Varadi
Jason Osborne
Maia Ruth Lee
Andy Meerow
Brent Holland Baker
Nikholis Planck
B Thom Stevenson
Jesse Harris
John Miller
Georgia Dickie
Anna Sew Hoy
Nancy Shaver
Justin Lieberman
Adam Marnie
Sam Moyer
Carl D’Alvia
Sara Murphy
Elizabeth Jaeger
Ted Gahl
Peter Sutherland
Marguerite Love
Andrew Sutherland
Paul Branca
Ida Ekblad
David Adamo
Alex Perweiler

The Journal Gallery is pleased to present "Freedom Culture," a group exhibition curated by Graham Collins.

Although the show’s organization began by focusing on two primary groups of work—text paintings, and what the curator refers to as figurative sculpture—the sculpture category is loose in definition, expanding to include a wide range of sculptural work which act as a foil for the text-driven wall works. The lines between the two groups are intentionally blurred, questioning the defining separation between painting and sculpture. The rigid geometry of painting becomes subdued among more poetic forms situated within the gallery space. A small group of photographs by artists typically associated with other mediums, adds an additional voice to the dialogue.

The exhibition outlines different modes of communication, exploring the way information can be abstracted and how contrasting forms come together to form a dialogue.