The Journal Inc

Press Release

The Journal Gallery is pleased to present “Channels,” Leelee Kimmel’s first solo exhibition.

Leelee Kimmel’s new series of large-scale abstract paintings articulate a language that the artist has been exploring over the course of the past two years to create a unique, personal vocabulary. Her all-over approach to painting eschews any hierarchies or horizon line in favor of shiny, pop-out amoebic organisms, sharp angles, gut-slung bursts of color, and a floating abyss reminiscent of the virtual world or deep space.

“I like to think of these paintings as full atmospheres, surrounding you completely,” Kimmel explains. “I’m interested in creating something that allows you to jump in and immerse yourself entirely, like the VR worlds I also create as separate artistic entities. For me, the work is somewhere between classical and futuristic, between alien and early human signage. My paintings are like a channel into a differently constructed world. There are electromagnetic pulses, satellites, electricity, atomic bombs, pesticides, and souls—particles constantly attracting and repulsing each other. You have to charge through it all to claim your moment of love or happiness, no matter what it looks like. You will always get interrupted and often demolished.”