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Press Release

In “Mariana” layers of steel wool smudges lace the gallery walls, invoking the sense that the space has been occupied, weathered away by someone or something and left suspended in time.

By repeatedly pressing steel wool onto the surface of the wall Turner transforms an object commonly used for polishing and restoration into a painterly tool. The steel fibers become a smoky pigment with a versatile identity, suggesting an occupant as capable of vandalism as repair. The resulting clouds of marks both wear down and stain the white gallery walls, forming gestures that are simultaneously indexical impressions and indelible erasures.

Daniel Turner was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and lives and works in New York, NY. His work has been shown in group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including the Prague Biennale 5, Czech Republic; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY; Martos Gallery, New York, NY; WALLSPACE, New York, NY; Pianissimo Gallery, Milan, Italy; and White Columns, New York, NY. Turner’s work is also currently on view at The Journal Gallery’s project space at ReMap3 in Athens, Greece through October 30.