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"Gebrüder Grimm, witches, the big bad wolf—the forest is one hell of a scary place, I thought. But even as a child I was drawn towards it—it was scary, but the beauty and the peacefulness of it all sucked me in."

Juergen Teller's images tell stories, usually they are the stories of people. For "Irene im Wald" (Irene in the Forest), Teller photographed the woods nearby the artist's childhood home near Nuremberg, Germany. Only sometimes including figures, Teller's mother Irene and other relatives, the solitary nature of the pictures in "Irene im Wald" contributes to the intimacy of this honest portrait of the forest that he grew up with, capturing its haunting and lingering personality.

Released concurrently with the exhibition, the monograph Irene im Wald is published as the supplement of the journal 32.

Juergen Teller has exhibited at The Photographers Gallery, London (1998); the Kunsthalle Wien (2004); The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2004); the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, Paris (2007); the Tate Modern, London (2008); and at Le Consortium, Dijon (2010). In 2003 Teller was awarded the Citibank Prize and, in 2007 represented Ukraine as one of five artists in the 52nd Venice Biennale. Teller’s most recent solo exhibitions include "Calves and Thighs" at Alcala 31, Madrid (2010), "What is Schön?/What is Beautiful" at Hygiene Museum, Dresden, Germany (2010), "Man with Banana" at Dallas Contemporary (2011), "Touch Me" at Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul (2011) and a self-titled exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, New York (2012). Forthcoming exhibitions include "The Girl with the Broken Nose" at Palazzo Reale, Milan (September 20 - November 4, 2012) and an exhibition at ICA, London (January 23 - March 17, 2013). Juergen Teller lives and works in London, England.