The Journal Inc

Press Release

The Journal Gallery is pleased to present "Carbon Copy," an exhibition of paintings by Peter Demos.

Black is the best absorber of light but it can also be the best emitter. A black box is any device whose internal workings are unknown or inexplicable. A black flag is a non-flag.

Black sky refers to the appearance of space as one emerges from the Earth's atmosphere. A Black Hole is a collapsed star and a Black Dwarf is a star that has burned out. In billiards, if a player sinks the black ball before all others are out of play, the player loses. A black cat may be thought of as either good luck or bad.

Black frequently symbolizes ambiguity, secrecy and the unknown. To say one's account is in the black means that one is free of debt. Black coffee refers to coffee without sugar or cream.

Peter Demos received his MFA from The City University of New York, Hunter College. His work has been included in several group exhibitions including "Long Long Gone" at Leo Koenig Inc., New York, NY; "Greater L.A.," New York, NY; "The Open" at Deitch Studios, Long Island City, NY and "Chain Letter" at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. In 2011, Demos had a solo exhibition at David Richard Contemporary, Sante Fe, NM and was the recipient of the Tony Smith Award. He is currently a Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation Studio Resident in Brooklyn, New York.