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By  Scott Indrisek

October 22  2015

5 Must-See Shows in New York: Graham Collins, Rachel Rossin, and More

Graham Collins at The Journal Gallery, through November 1 (106 North 1st Street, Brooklyn)

Having established a reputation for himself as a sort of collagist-of-tinted-glass, it’s thrilling to see Collins going bigger, and much weirder, with “Stadiums.” The biggest works are composed of deconstructed above-ground swimming pools (“anti-monuments in backyards across America,” reads the press release), which have been contorted and twisted, draped with blue-vinyl tarps vandalized with messy, gestural blasts of acrylic and oil paint. These modified readymades take various shapes: one resembles a skateboard half-pipe, while another, installed near the front doorway, assumes the appearance of an oversized letter “J.” Collins’s epic sculptures are paired with a series of small, diorama-like shadowboxes —recalling the quasi-archeological aesthetic of Nick van Woert or Matthew Day Jackson — in which various semi-abstract tableaux appear, their surfaces fuzzy and scuzzy, in some cases resembling the green baize on a pool table.