The Journal Inc

Press Release

The Journal Gallery is pleased to present “Summer Sun,” a group exhibition including ten artists whose practice incorporates creating works of a single color. Utilizing the monochrome in different ways, these artists make a case for, and expand on, its persisting relevance post avant-garde.

Imi Knoebel’s sculptural shaped canvases span the chromatic spectrum, breaking down the relationship between form and color, for an experience that is purely abstract. Steven Parrino deliberately restricted his palette affirming, rather than draining, color’s associative properties by imbuing his work with punk subculture and Pop references. Daniel Boccato and Michael Staniak both employ industrial polymers to make physical works that subordinate color to shape and texture respectively. Graham Collins breaks with spatial continuity, bounding and displaying a black monochrome inside a glass vitrine. In Sam Moyer’s stone and dyed canvas work, the single use of color harmonizes the coexistence of naturally occurring and man-made pigment and materials, bridging the accidental and the controlled.

"Summer Sun" explores the idea of the monochrome as a place of reflection, to which artists continue to return.

In coordination with this exhibition, the gallery will present “TENNIS ELBOW," a project room of weekly rotating solo presentations, opening every Saturday at noon.